My story begins on a tree farm in Northern Illinois, where I was born the seventh of nine children. Creativity was encouraged, as well as the curiosity for understanding science, nature, and how things worked. Those foundations have formed my current work. I  enjoy exploring, experimenting, and pushing my styles to continue to grow and evolve as an illustrator and creator of imagery for a wide variety of applications.

  With every project I bring my very best and feel honored to be chosen for every project . My best attribute is my friendly disposition and ease to work with as an illustrator. "Let's make a great art!", is my motto. 

I live in Wisconsin with my husband, two children, and our newest addition Louie, a lovable and needy yorkie poo. 

"Drawing by hand stimulates the imagination and allows us to speculate about ideas, a good sign that we are truly alive." 

-Michael Graves